I now receive several hundred emails every day for this website, and it is no longer possible to reply to so many, so please help me and check this website carefully, as it is very probable that you will find the answer to your query without having to email me.

Please contact me only if you are certain that the answer to your query is not available on this website, and that it does not regard the following exclusions.

Please do not email me about Radium or advice, servicing, repair or restoration of Radium filled instruments, as I no longer work on other people's Radium filled instruments.
Click here for information on how to identify Radium in older instruments.

MkIII prismatic compasses and all Creagh Osborne compasses contain Radium. Please do not email me regarding these instruments.

Click on one of the following links that seems appropriate to your query to find possible answers:

Compass Fluid - Instrument Repairs - Restoration Radiation Risks - Instruction leaflets for various instruments

Please do not email me for free valuations as I do not give free valuations. Please do not email me for information regarding your grandad's compass, whether your compass is radioactive, information or advice on compass fluid, etc., as most of the answers you are looking for are already freely available within this website.

I have made a vast amount of information freely available, including a 540 page book full of priceless knowledge, which is downloadable free of charge in pdf format.
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If you just take the time to search, perhaps starting with the page links to the right of this page - the
book is particularly useful, as are the downloads & links, page and the FAQ page, all of which contain a huge amount of answers, information and knowledge.

Please do not email me for free opinions, valuations or advice on how to repair or sell your own compasses as I simply cannot afford the time to help you earn money by doing your research for you, especially as I have already made much of my knowledge and expertise freely available within this website.

Valuations or opinions cost GBP 25 payable in advance, and are not refundable, even in the event that your item turns out to be counterfeit and worthless. The valuation will also include any additional information I can provide up to a maximum of one hour of my time.

If your query does not fall into the above exclusions, but regards a specific item for sale or restoration of an instrument that does not contain Radium then please click on the mail icon below to email me.