TRADE MARK LONDON - Radio Repairs & Restorations - Certified Scientific Instrument Maker - Sales, Servicing, Restoration and Repairs of vintage radios, compasses and antique scientific instruments - 
Certified radio technician and operator (DTI & City & Guilds licences & certificates) - Amateur Radio Licence GJØNSG

CLICK HERE read or download the pdf version of the book, TRADE MARK LONDON, by Paul Crespel.  538 pages covering the history of Francis Barker, the man, his compasses and his instruments from his birth right up to today's Francis Barker compasses.

Click on the image to download the pdf file.  When you open the dropbox link you will be told that the file is too big to preview.  After a while the download button appears.  The file is 321MB.  Dropbox will try to persuade you to open an account.  You can ignore it and click on "No thanks, continue to view".